The sound of silence

06 May 2024


Have you ever paused, just in your head? 
In calming amusment, when all sounds are dead. 
In the stillness of the night, silence descends,
A whispered symphony that never ends. The absence of noise, a deafening sound, Echoes of nothingness all around.

The quiet whispers of the roaring wind, The gentle wrestle of leaves, outside, the garden bed. 
The hustle of the world, void and null, That wraps us in its tranquil pull.

In the quiet, we find a place to reflect, A moment of peace where we reconnect. 
To the world around us, and our inner most friend, In the silence, we find our truest wealth.

So just listen a while, to the volumes it speaks for in its absence, chaos, it will breed. 
Listen, in quiet, as wisdom will speak, like a voice in the night time, soft and meek in our dreams.
So is the power of silence, that God no longer audible speaks. 





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