Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. - Euripides

Co-dependency, overcoming

Religion, tradition teach us selflessness while psychology common sense celebrate the self. And a lifetime is spent teetering in the middle trying for a happy middle be gracious virtuous do the right thing and give till you can give no more or truly and thoroughly live- just be unfettered free. Then one day you name it utter the unspeakable and find if not closure then what? -catharsis perhaps. You acknowledge those hidden scars the ones inflicted by Mother, lover by significant other but- don't shudder or cringe just reach for the stars... Lift the veil of denial (not the Egyptian river) nonetheless dive into the depths the trauma and tears remember the terror still, learn to transcend know what doesn't kill makes you stronger sow hope and heal fight the pain defy the slingers of stinging shame be wise and visualize that poster on your therapist's wall "never make someone your priority for whom you are only an option." call yourself victor not victim and make of your life a song of sweet survival.

© azure warrior


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