Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. - Mahatma Gandhi

the new CEO

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strange that on the phone her voice was sweet as we talked about my prospects in this firm her lips glowed (i think) as she offered to lend me an assistive hand in my new role in this firm her legs wiggled (i think) as she let me know she will be able to take my calls whenever i am busy tho she was not to be my secretary her eyes sparkled as i gave her my name Hamilton 'beautiful name' she said deceived by my model C accent strange that when she found me waiting in the waiting room she exchanged no greetings just a nasty glance towards me strange that when i asked to seee the HR manager she assumed i am looking for work why did it not cross her mind that i am the new CEO in this firm strange that when quizzed if Mr Hamilton has come she answered in the negative looking around a look that went over my dark skin stranger that when i indicated that I am Hamilton she frowned in disgust "YOU ARE BLACK" YES I am black and my name is Mthathiwezizwe Mkhonto wesize Hammilton maybe i should rid myself this slave name maybe i should just use it again to my advantage STRANGE

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