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24 Jun 2024


Delicate flowers don't last long in icy, Harsh conditions. They grip on tight to their roots But the cold always wins. Their fragile forms Aren't made to withstand such relentless conditions. Yet, they come back Year after year. I wonder if they're brave Or naive. And what is to be learnt From this perpetual cycle. Freesia, I have so many...

19 Jun 2024

Like a Pigeon

I love watching the pigeons outside On the grass in front of my window They get up to intelligent things Pecking to clean each others faces The scene makes sense to me like The song of a thousand wind chimes Hoards of them blowing in the air My closed eyes open to the light The self aware notice themselves They are reflected in the mirror The...

19 Jun 2024


If my heart opens up for you And the clouds reappear If the storm gives away to the trees And hurl their power, on me I would still feel the pain That renews my unbroken faith But my mind, will bring the rain That will cleanse, this caged soul Wanting freedom, like the stars That their trail, lives away With their memories that they share You...

19 Jun 2024


I dream with my closed eyes Where the sky awakens And the stars multiply Where I prayed, below Her Lotus Feet crying without you, i am incomplete Where the naked children Found hope in her innocent eyes and the wingless stars sparkled in His rainbow light From His spell, She spawned a dove And the doves took flight From their power of love And...

18 Jun 2024


Can you feel the love tonight the sweet surrender, in the hush of dawn In your eyes, i see the light A brave new world, in tomorrow's morn A morn uniting, races and colors Apart from love, we've fought so long Let the new world, Awake and arise From pauper's bowl, and the untamed wildsong. The union of creed, invokes the stars To guide and...

17 Jun 2024

Ocean of words

The dreams of stars, near and far hopes dotted, in dreams of Flowers Manifesting my dreams, in threads of life Of past dawns, life blending with unending life I find my rhythm, in my beat I want to reborn, in nature's heartbeat Islands, where the riotous shoreline In soft roar of waves, calmed my storm In ripples of waves, in my tranquil...

17 Jun 2024

A babies tears

It was drizzling that day Perhaps the sky had something else to say A girl put flowers in her father's grave Dying to know, why mother's crave Memories flashed in my thoughts They connect far, in distant hearts The hearts know, what they sought Why babies cry, at the time of birth I rushed to the girl, and said Cup your hands And look where the...

12 Jun 2024

Flowers at my doorstep

He left me flowers at my doorstep, Everyday for seven years, As they bloomed, My heart blossomed with love for him. Their sweet scent filled each room and wafted through the house, Everywhere I’d look there would be a reminder of him, A reminder of his promise, A reminder of his smile, A reminder of his love. But just as flowers bloom, They...

12 Jun 2024

The Titanic that survived

Threads and string of joy unending are like Kites of Spring release them in the breath of wind and watch the freedom they bring for strings are like rubber bands yes the band that performs galactic giggs. The Soul Traders who dig their words, and bury it deep From the bottom, where their old soul sleeps and from their sweet release rise a haunted...

10 Jun 2024

Thank you Mr. Boring ~ Deckard

Back in the early 2000's, I owned and operated a small country grocery store called 'The Village Market.' It was located in Pine Grove, Va., just off the Appalachian Trail. There was a restaurant just up the road that Robert Duval frequented quite often and Mount Weather (FEMA) was just on the other side of the mountain. There were a group of...

10 Jun 2024

The Open Exodus

O SkyFather, the nectar of fire Burn my desire, in the funeral pyre where wanderers roams in dark alleyways converging through roads not taken the terminal taste of freedom Revealing their spectral light from the rising Mistral like the Second Coming exploding in colors of morn where the auroral daylight breaks from the mountains Transcending...

09 Jun 2024

Mr. Boring to Deckard

This is to you, you are my friend, Even though we have never met Because in this time of approaching night I want you to know, You helped save my life! Through illness, loss, and attempts On my life, suicide was ever present Your comments and your works We’re a light in the dark The few minutes a day Sent my mind on a lark Releasing stress in a...

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There are some old poets I used to enjoy reading from but I am trying to look for their poems and it seems not possible. does anyone know how to do this?

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14 Mar 2024


Dima Dimov

I do not see him here, but he's a great new poet! He breaks all the rules, even incorporating mathematical formulas into his work. Follow him on Medium:


12 Jul 2023



is anyone else having issues submitting comments on your pc? whenever I go to move the page from the comment area to the stars area, it jumps back to the comment area which has been erased. I don't have the same problem on my phone.



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I want to know if I can find my poems written under ladybird


It is good to be back and welcome everyone else I won't be able to write on this forum as much as I did before because i am halfway through my autobiography from my early childhood through to my adolescent years then on to the years that i was a gangster then from when i changed my life around to doing good, i will include the time that i spent in...



17 Feb 2023


Welcome back to MyPoetryForum

If you're a new user to this site, then welcome! Glad to have you here! If you're a returning member, then firstly, welcome back! And secondly, my heartfelt apologies for having kept this site closed for the last couple of months. Let me try to explain why I had to close it down... MyPoetryForum is a website that is written completely from the...



04 Feb 2023


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