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22 Sep 2023

My mam

My late dear mam, in life she was sublime I was so proud and blessed that she was mine She kept a clean and tidy home When our clothes got ripped and torn It would take her hours of sawing so again they could be worn Counting me by her five siblings were born By our mam her love was equally spread around We never had to suffer with a rumbling...

22 Sep 2023


Three people I know very well confided in me today they won't mind leaving when their time comes this life this place has suddenly become a world of old souls fighting to adjust to a world of cold souls how did we get here? a nightmare has unfolded before us we've lied to each other for so long to mask what we all knew was coming Dear Lord how...

19 Sep 2023

To Sniff The Sun

Sapphire seas in ocean's bosom gleam, I glimpse the eternal's endless disk, As I hear the ancient wind chime's hymn. Alas, for fate decrees a respite's end, A distant bell tolls in yonder realm, A seafowl mocks with cruel laughter's blend. The mortal stands upon the world's edge, The sun's rays descend from heaven's peak, Unto the core of the...

19 Sep 2023

Brain’s Secret

Computers un to themselves These neurons be, Four bases performing calculations Inside me, Linked together a billion fold Power the world’s computers Cannot hold, Believe these words they are true Your brain does more than you knew, Let’s solve the brain And cure the pain So we’ll all be healthy and happy to

17 Sep 2023

I Saw You Crying

I saw you crying last night after our lovemaking, you in your pink pajamas with the fake fur at the wrists and ankles like a standard poodle cut, your legs dangling off the high four-poster bed, you looked like a child and there were tears sliding down your face onto your chin and into oblivion, and I knew it wasn't just for you, but for us, and I...

14 Sep 2023

Akashic Record

The religion of Theosophy and the school of Anthroposophy There is a compendium of all universal events Thoughts, words, emotions and intent have had to have occurred in the past, present and future This is true not just for humans but applies to all entities and life forms It could be said that what it is known as is the Akashic records...

12 Sep 2023


Loneliness disrupts my soul I feel like I am not fully whole The day seems so grim My outlook in life is so dim I long to relish life anew But how must I pursue; Happiness in my heart It has been ripped apart The clouds are grey and blue It's hard to change my point of view When there is sunshine in the sky Instead of feeling euphoric, I...

12 Sep 2023

An Abandoned Soul

There's fire in your eyes and it's no surprise. Your piercing look has got me shook. My body quivers, but mostly shivers I cannot stand upright your grasp is so tight Your hand around my neck I'm about to hit the deck. I have lost all self-control I am an "abandoned soul." There is no one there to assist So alone I must try to resist. I must...

12 Sep 2023


Come to the carnival and ride the carousel with me, we'll go round and round, come ride with me on the carousel, get your feet up off the ground. Pick your horse, my darling, whether red or white or blue, hold on tight, my darling, enjoy something new. Listen to the music, sweet lady, while you ride mile after mile, such beautiful music, sweet...

09 Sep 2023

Time Trance

As i sat on a bench in the middle of Liverpool, watching the world go by I found myself pondering, what we are doing on this earth and the reason why I unknowingly i entered into a thought trance and was oblivious to people nearby In my thought trance, i was perplexed about the thing called time We are unable to see it, touch it or feel it and how...

09 Sep 2023

Turnig My Life Around

I turned my life around for the better from a violent gang land criminal organisation I always thought that i would not make it to my late 40s and be killed by assassination For i know quite a few men who were murdered by other gangsters that was. how they got their reputation To join such an organisation you swear that you will comply with the...

07 Sep 2023

A song in my Heart

I love beautiful musical arrangements with a 4/4 tempo, a slow rhythmic beat nothing makes me feel nostalgic and better than music that makes me tap my feet. I love the finesse of these powerful instruments Coupled with the splendid sound of the melody Then I hear the crescendo of your exquisite voice Your voice and instrument making a glorious...

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is anyone else having issues submitting comments on your pc? whenever I go to move the page from the comment area to the stars area, it jumps back to the comment area which has been erased. I don't have the same problem on my phone.



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I want to know if I can find my poems written under ladybird


It is good to be back and welcome everyone else I won't be able to write on this forum as much as I did before because i am halfway through my autobiography from my early childhood through to my adolescent years then on to the years that i was a gangster then from when i changed my life around to doing good, i will include the time that i spent in...



17 Feb 2023


Welcome back to MyPoetryForum

If you're a new user to this site, then welcome! Glad to have you here! If you're a returning member, then firstly, welcome back! And secondly, my heartfelt apologies for having kept this site closed for the last couple of months. Let me try to explain why I had to close it down... MyPoetryForum is a website that is written completely from the...



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