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19 Apr 2024

A Useless Talker

The silence The quiet The peace The noise "Where are you ?", I wonder, As I search for everything I knew, Once that all existed inside. The poet The painter The lover The wild " Who are you? " I ponder, When I can't resemble, Any reflections in my sight. The past The future The darkness And the bright "What am I? ", And my soul...

17 Apr 2024


In the darkness before dawn I stand by the open window And in my mind there are Curtains swaying like ghosts The comforting silence hangs Entwined with the blue hue As the moon wanes and stars Fade over the garden I see Silhouettes made of hedges And trees where they were In a memory planted once Against a paling firmament I inhale the fresh...

13 Apr 2024

How is the loan different from the...

Who payed for the Chapel of the Princes The cathedral dome The statue of David? Who took the money Whose fame blossomed Because they portrayed Cosimo I de’ Medici as Orpheus, And the women as Petrarch’s Laura? Art is the highest form of power We were the racketeers of Firenze We were the lion of Europe Partying on the roof of the...

12 Apr 2024

Italian Plowhorse

How I miss that unceasing strength Of which I don’t have a tenth, It never mattered the work to do Or the obstacle encountered He just hitched up and pulled through His strength never floundered Life didn’t have to be perfect, As long as he kept breathing There would always be time to fix it He’s strength never retreating How I miss that...

12 Apr 2024

A friend in you

If you ever think its all over, If you ever feel like giving away, Look at me You've got a friend in you. If you ever feel empty, If you ever think you're alone, Just call me You've got a friend in you. If you ever feel cheated, If you ever feel dumb, Just consult me You've got a friend in you. If you are ever hurt, And you think God...

11 Apr 2024

Why Don’t I Answer

Times are tough, I’m in pain, These are the things you all say Why don’t you help us, you all ask, Can’t you take away this difficult task? There was a time I would not delay Answer prayers, take pain away, Then you went to war, Built empires, grew wealthy, And more, So many deaths So much pain So much suffering Caused in my name! So who am I,...

11 Apr 2024

How is the loan different from the...

Usury A sin against God The Vatican anyway, Credit notes as interest Without breaking the decree Still a friend of the church. We drank the Brunello di Montalcino And played all night With the women from the court Their perfumed and beautiful limbs Beneath the rustle of silk and velvet Precious stones in their hair gold chains, lace, jewels and...

10 Apr 2024

How is the loan different from the...

Francesco de’ Pazzi, thirty four Banker, usurer, butcher It’s all the same Leaping at Giuliano de Medici On his knees in prayer. As in the Dipolieia Like the ox waiting for the axe Brought to the altar to stoop and eat the grain For the priest who strikes with the axe Kills the ox and runs. And so the arc of the blade Nineteen...

09 Apr 2024


At the mercy of fear Broken deep down Choking on words My penance unbound The night tells truths Whilst days go by A smile molded By tears run dry Phantom breaths A deadman’s walk The heart may beat But the soul does not I dare not dream Lost all direction Crushed under hopes Delusion or deception?

09 Apr 2024

Total Eclipse

She pushed in front of me, she does it all the time, sulked the sun, pointing at the preening moon, even though he knows this breach of etiquette won’t be seen again or even dreamed of soon. But still he paces in the dark and wrings his hands, recalls all the small incursions that proceeded this total indignity, he cries and burbles through salty...

09 Apr 2024


My sins washed away, as rain to a muddied car, laid bare on display, they wouldn't stray far nevermind what they are, they're judged as flawed, so it seems im not up to par, because in their eyes im rendered a fraud, but I talk to god, and ask for acceptance, he just listens it's odd, but his silence makes me more perceptive, I learned...

09 Apr 2024

Why is the loan different from the...

High Mass Easter Sunday at the Duomo Miserére mei, Deus, secúndum magnam misericórdiam tuam Bread and wine The body and blood of Christ White doves in the sky Sandro Botticelli in the studio Working on Primavera The delicate hand Painting the flowers in the mouth of Chloris Fioretta Gorini She cuts the sweet wisteria For the child she...

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There are some old poets I used to enjoy reading from but I am trying to look for their poems and it seems not possible. does anyone know how to do this?

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Dima Dimov

I do not see him here, but he's a great new poet! He breaks all the rules, even incorporating mathematical formulas into his work. Follow him on Medium:


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is anyone else having issues submitting comments on your pc? whenever I go to move the page from the comment area to the stars area, it jumps back to the comment area which has been erased. I don't have the same problem on my phone.



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I want to know if I can find my poems written under ladybird


It is good to be back and welcome everyone else I won't be able to write on this forum as much as I did before because i am halfway through my autobiography from my early childhood through to my adolescent years then on to the years that i was a gangster then from when i changed my life around to doing good, i will include the time that i spent in...



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If you're a new user to this site, then welcome! Glad to have you here! If you're a returning member, then firstly, welcome back! And secondly, my heartfelt apologies for having kept this site closed for the last couple of months. Let me try to explain why I had to close it down... MyPoetryForum is a website that is written completely from the...



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