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27 May 2024

The battlefield, beneath the ebullient...

It started with their symphony of despair The drums of thunder, the squalls of thunderstorm Beneath the ebullient sky, rises the euphony of air The Westwind echoed, the Hallowed song It was a discord, in the nomad flute the colliding chords, of a bleeding guitar Where the men of honor, in wonder mute In beguiling eye, glanced at the passing...

21 May 2024


There was a lady from healing, Who had a wonderful feeling. She laid on her back, and opened here crack. And pissed all over the celling

21 May 2024

The Big C

The big C come to get me like a snake in the grass crawling quiet and slow you begin to grow taking small, sleeping victims while I sleep while I dream but you made the mistake that snakes often make you bit off more than you could chew I knew it was you there is only one item now on his menu fire

10 May 2024

That And A Nickel

A professional who seems pretty smart Said my intellect was off the chart My family asked, “how’s it affect you? What does it allow you to do?” I thought long, I thought hard, About what things could start, Then I remembered What my father said to me That and a nickel Will buy you a cup of coffee. Please note, this saying is from the 1930’s. When...

06 May 2024

The sound of silence

Have you ever paused, just in your head? In calming amusment, when all sounds are dead. In the stillness of the night, silence descends, A whispered symphony that never ends. The absence of noise, a deafening sound, Echoes of nothingness all around. The quiet whispers of the roaring wind, The gentle wrestle of leaves, outside, the garden bed....

05 May 2024

A series of poems from my recent trip to...

BAHN MI BAN On a self imposed banh mi ban but you cannot banh mi, man for i am a banh mi man a self confessed banh mi fan if you said i bahn mi can’t i’d say, well i bloody banh well can cos all these banh mi’s bang So fuck you... And the the Bahn mi ban. HONG KONG HARBOUR Like clockwork the cars roll by and the trains they arrive on...

03 May 2024

Someone's story

Sometimes I find That my hands are not mine They pick up and put down They drag me around They pick up the drink And then set caution down They pick up the keys And then drive me around Sometimes I find That my will is not mine It takes me to places My sober mind can't find It sits up and yells Like a wound festering now The blood it is...

02 May 2024

My lost love

I exist, In the world of stars Guided by the string Of my bleeding guitar Where I Add life, to the thread of stars Generating the chords From my broken guitar And from his hello tunes Twang his breath of free That sang with the pine trees Where the river pines To the sea Where I struggled for a change By planting the seeds In deeds of the...

01 May 2024

Bound By Desire

In the depths of desire, I surrender to you, My body, my soul, in everything I do. Your dominance, a flame that ignites, In the dance of pleasure, we reach new heights. Submissive wife, to your every command, In the realm of passion, we both understand. Bound by desire, in the heat of the night, Lost in the ecstasy, of our love's sweet...

01 May 2024

Symphony Of Despair

In the caverns of her mind, she screams in despair, A solitary echo in the chilling air. "God, answer me!" Her voice, a desperate plea, Lost in the void, devoid of reprieve. "Why create me, knowing only pain? To suffer in silence, to wither in vain." "Where were you when innocence bled, When childhood's laughter turned to dread?" "In the...

29 Apr 2024

I Don’t Know You, But I Love You

This may seem weird to say, But the emotion has hit me today, I don’t know you, But I love you. You calm my mind With the things you write, Of strong emotions Or a beautiful site Even what I don’t understand Takes my imagination To a brand new land I love you all Young and old No matter where in the world You call your home Keep on dreaming And...

29 Apr 2024

Looking for Happiness

A beautiful day I want to have happy thoughts But I’ve seen the news

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Dima Dimov

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I want to know if I can find my poems written under ladybird


It is good to be back and welcome everyone else I won't be able to write on this forum as much as I did before because i am halfway through my autobiography from my early childhood through to my adolescent years then on to the years that i was a gangster then from when i changed my life around to doing good, i will include the time that i spent in...



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If you're a new user to this site, then welcome! Glad to have you here! If you're a returning member, then firstly, welcome back! And secondly, my heartfelt apologies for having kept this site closed for the last couple of months. Let me try to explain why I had to close it down... MyPoetryForum is a website that is written completely from the...



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