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17 Jul 2024

It is no criticism to say ....

Being Two-Faced is a Norm Similar to any other sporting match prepared for the daily trials ahead you adopt your starting position to greet the world brave faced with your pleasant glued on smile hiding your silent inner scream The loud unheard bawl subdued until you're away from public gaze when as you doff your second face your guard may be...

15 Jul 2024

The Raven

Dust to Dust, ashes to smoke His maiden sacrifice,truly spoke The radiant dawns, brought unblemished hope along the Dawn of Everest, the rising slope The Gullible Son said come by us, play by our side The Son in bloom, replied In open darkness our borders unite. The undying Son thirsty, all the more Eternalized his metaphors and lore Questioning...

15 Jul 2024

Goodbye Richard Simmons

Moving and shaking to help us all, Get in shape before it’s too late, With a smile that never seemed to fall You set an example for all to take. You cared for so many from afar, Always honest about who you are, A light to all who’d been dissed God speed sir, you will be missed!

14 Jul 2024

Learning to Fly (lyric)

Learning to Fly (lyric) Words spun fine as silk Pale grey mists the moon Nightshade bitter kiss Day’s last breath comes soon Life so delicate Steals off into past Young love nectar sweet Lifespan over fast Picture changes In the blink of an eye World chases past While you're learning to fly Dreams waft bye and bye Visions stay the eye Wishes...

14 Jul 2024

For Deckard

You are not my Father but i feel like you are I'll backtrack through time feeding on your scars I'll not stop dreaming of a New world order a world freed from religion Nationality and borders Let new beginnings start staring at a blank page I no longer want to pretend I am a shining sage Let Humans alone live with their own angels and demons Let...

14 Jul 2024

Standing Strong

They want him out But he answered the call, They scream and shout But he stand tall, They call for fear But he asks for peace They protest near But he won’t retreat Pops rang out But he did not fall God bless Donald Trump He’s needed by all

12 Jul 2024

Song of the Soul

The wounded snake in the pulp of woods raised its godhood, no longer coiled Let manifold roads converge in the woods The heart stirs up in inner turmoil Let the clouds puts forth its deluge strength To crush you out, still no my soul Thy steadfast faith bare and bold Will calm thy Nature out of control Let Sun grow dim let stars grow faint Let...

10 Jul 2024

Wandering where you are

A path has been taken, through the roads that crossed my fragile mind of thoughts that wander where you are been rendered by these lines You took your leave so suddenly that taint my empty days the emptiness of days shall pass The Newborn Sun shall say First to notice are the birds when soul stirs to utmost depth Let the water clock, record my...

10 Jul 2024

Loving Twice

I used to think that moving on was unkind Mean Making light of what once was Did you truly love if you can leave it behind? But we leave so much behind That becomes a landmark Graves Checkpoints All of them mean something Leave a scar Change us Maybe for the better, maybe not But they help us grow into ourselves I once heard a widow say,...

10 Jul 2024

The Battlefield turned Paradise

It started with a symphony of despair The hungry warriors, in undying hunger brothers lost, in the harmonious air hungry to know, the meaning of war There was an awakening, in the nomad flute When the twin brothers, opened their penetrating song and released their voice, in rhythm and blues Cherishing in their voice of freedom Their clarion...

08 Jul 2024

Paper Flowers

14 post it notes Made to be written on Instead folded and bent To create a gift But they still carried a message Were you fluent in the language?

07 Jul 2024


was I not there for you my love when the touch of night set in when the smiles turned dark as storm clouds and the nightmares would begin your eyes were open yet your heart would close while the ghosts of childhood come to prey I tried to shield your soul from them but the night is where they play savage are the dreams that lived in the heart...

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Dima Dimov

I do not see him here, but he's a great new poet! He breaks all the rules, even incorporating mathematical formulas into his work. Follow him on Medium:


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I want to know if I can find my poems written under ladybird


It is good to be back and welcome everyone else I won't be able to write on this forum as much as I did before because i am halfway through my autobiography from my early childhood through to my adolescent years then on to the years that i was a gangster then from when i changed my life around to doing good, i will include the time that i spent in...



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If you're a new user to this site, then welcome! Glad to have you here! If you're a returning member, then firstly, welcome back! And secondly, my heartfelt apologies for having kept this site closed for the last couple of months. Let me try to explain why I had to close it down... MyPoetryForum is a website that is written completely from the...



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