I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius

Touch of Death

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I thought we'd be friends forever our bond was more than a sunset brighter than the moon we shared so much, our love for sport, arts and music. You were in the prime of your life at the height of your sport, athlete rugby player and writing a script about your sudden illness for drama class I was so proud of you my friend. Then, suddenly, His shadow was cold around you I couldn't look, did He destroy or give life? I could find no words, my body was poisend with fear. I saw the red rose petals fall like feathers on your coffin so surreal ...... my body in spasms of sorrow, regret, anger and tears. But then a light breeze feathered the fear from my eyes, everything stood new, of strange sorrow, a deep bond through all times. A great love was in me and a knowledge of the darkness around us, because everything was drenched in Death. Willem, my friend, I miss you Rest in peace, you are Home and someday we shall re-unite.

© Derek


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