As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death. - Leonardo da Vinci


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Don’t talk back, Bite that tongue, Keep your opinions Minimal If possible keep none at all In your mind You have no use for them dear You mustn’t bother Starting A life now, It’ll only be a chore to Erase it later Those memories You don’t need dear, Nor these photos, No point in leaving evidence Of your past life, Moments of guilt You must be an empty canvas, Reusable, Low maintenance Inviting their thoughts To enter you, Their physicality Becomes you, Their dreams to be Traced across your body Age must touch you first Let it not touch them Harshly; Be discreet with knowledge Pretend ignorance Your best option Upon feeling pleasure Don’t be loud, A few moans may Escape Best to keep quiet Let them think your satisfaction Dead Remember these thoughts dear, Listen to the next set of rules Keenly Nod your head, Your disagreeing tone won’t be accepted, Always keep that to yourself, Only submissive dames get far.

© Dreams


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