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My only Son

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Behind you, in the darkness was a frame filled with light and laughter and grown-ups chatter and in your angst, without a name you waited for the moon to come and rescue you. The rest is all an ancient distant memory all you can remember now is the brightness of the moon the smell of the dry grass beneath your feet and the pain you felt. Ignoring the calls of your friends to come and play, only the memory of drying your tears with the back of you wrist. Your life flows like a crystal through me nothing can keep us apart because you are bound to my blood. And if the hours and memories grows distant and if the years between you and I are engulfed by the waves of the ocean we will still be bonded to each other. You don't have to apologise for what or who you are for what you have achieved or not achieved for not being who you think I want you to be Being YOU is enough. When life plays tricks with you remember that you are my springtime - the clouds always a little over the sun - and that I, in spite of all the rain, still can laugh. And you will laugh too

© jls


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