The ultimate result of shielding man from the effects of folly is to people the world with fools. - Herbert Spencer

dark soul

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As the light fades and darkness consumes all good. The fight for souls continues fallen angels restless souls. Demons coming in my room at night. Trying with all their might. Over my soul they will fight. The dark force just wont give up. Taking each and every last drop. If you are weak they will rip your soul from your body. Dumping it into a world you can't even imagine. Like lucifer you will become like a dog looking for scratches on the floor, in the dirt where you belong. You become nothing but a slave, a slave to a demon that is so bizarre so inhuman so disgusting. Your mind will no longer belong to you. Free will is no longer an option. You will crave for food for drink for air you will become death itself. Never finding peace, depression you have never heard about never imagined will become you.

© spy


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