The mystical is not how the world is, but that it is. - Ludwig Wittgenstein


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Today my soul is bleeding, it’s torn and bruised and cut… and with that my heart is crying for peace, but my mind is oozing with blood. I knew that I was doing wrong, and I knew that this love was forbidden… for that I know I’ll pay dearly now, keeping this terrible secret hidden. Rivers of hurt has been cried overnight, and mountains of regret has been spoken, moonlight promises I’ve made to him, but his eyes revealed his heart broken. Looking into the soul of the man I betrayed, it rips my whole being apart… he was lent to me, only for a while, and that is what makes this so hard. I’ve made a deal with the devil, and I’ve enjoyed the whole ride, but the time has now come to admit the truth, it wasn’t worth all my pride. I am losing my mind, my body and soul, I always knew this day would come. For now it is time to pay my dues, for all the wrong I have done. Oh devil be gentle, remember my plea! Remember my desperate cries, Remember the promise I made on the day, that I sold my soul for your lies. Starring death in the face, I am trying again, maybe this time, a deal with God… but time has run out and this is the end, and that is my only reward.

© Aneska


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