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This hurts me more than I show

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/* Aug 2004 */ This hurts me more than I show, Knowing that the woman I love I must let go. We just grew differently, Apart. And love that once was everything, Was no longer enough. I think I am to blame I did not take you for all that you were But for all that you could be… In my eyes. I am the fool And in days to come I know this… Us… Will show its head and laughingly say “You hang your head in pain, but you created the pain, you threw it away, you destroyed it!” But I have to For we can not go on this way, You in your world And I in mine, Different ships passing each other by. Docking occasionally at the same port. Oh, go away you horrid tears I am strong, I’m always strong, I must be strong… Oh you fool, you are so weak! I cry over the tears That you will cry, The pain that you will feel, My ability to hurt you so deeply, So cruelly. I cry over the lost hope, The acceptance that I Can’t always make beauty, Even when given The most beautiful clay to work with. I cry because I can not give you all you want And deserve. I cry because I love you and yet Love is not enough. To TG

© MoonFay


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