When I'm good I'm great and when I'm bad I'm better. - Maye West


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29/09/2004 Life, in all her wonders and mystery, Laid before me a gift, a beauty. I, in all my awkward ways, Was too afraid to touch, So gazed. She, in all her innate splendour, Bared her soul, Her truths, so tender. I saw her. Her beauty, her whole. She felt bare. Recoiled, grew cold. Life, in all her wonders and mystery, Wrenched away that gift, that beauty. Time, in all it’s age and healing, Grew us wise, But still, that feeling… I, in my comfortable skin’s new dance, Still long, still hope For just one chance Life, in all her wonders and mystery, Crossed my path again with her beauty. She, in her plausible cautious splendour, Aloof, distant, But, I know, so tender. Life, I’m lost, please help, please guide me, Do I long and hope When she can’t see me? To DC

© MoonFay


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