An Ode To My Lap Top

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Angrily I stare at my computer screen, Internet slow, I need to scream! There are emails that I need to send, Why on you must I depend? I have business to complete, I wanna go home, I wanna eat. But you have gripped me by the neenies, Computer work ain’t for weenies! In frustration I pull my hair, Website ain't goin’ anywhere. A blank screen is all I see, Screw this shit, I’m going to pee. Now five long minutes later I’m a fully blown computer hater! I’m wasting too much time, Too much money being online! ISDN I wish I had, Now that definitely ain’t a passing fad! Web pages load in just a second, But it’s too expensive my boss reckoned. So now I’m stuck late at the office, Supposedly filling my boss’s coffers. Ha! But the last laugh will be on him! Cos you see I ain’t completely dim. My fellow poets I have a secret worth sharing! I had a cunning plan both clever and daring! Cos even though my connection ain’t the bomb The page I’m waiting for is!

© Quraz


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