The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. - Aristotle

Sonnet to a Loved One - 2015

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As gathering dusk caresses the lips of my life With all my heart and soul, and more beside To you, my sweet, my Angel, my darling wife. I give my all, with nothing denied, For us to face the times that lie ahead, And in our hopes concerned with challenges new We have a loving Lord by whom we’re led To spiritual realms untried but true. Rooks encircling now herald the glimmering dawn And tips of crocuses part the melting snow You, my love will sweetly lead me on To life renewed this I know. To you, my dearest angel, a simple token, A humble tribute I give with words unspoken. Brian 20 February 2015 I am very grateful for advice that has allowed me to work on an earlier poem ' Sonnet to a Loved One, Valentine's Day - 2015. This poem has been completely rewritten and is now an entirely new poem that follows Shakespearian Sonnet form. Thanks Pierre!



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