Success is not the measure of man, but a triumph over those who choose to hold him back. - Bill Cilnton

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I want to maul inside this history of treasured memories And linger near the unspoken promise we both knew But dared not speak Out loud Why did we dance around the obvious when others plainly saw The genuine from the freeze frame Silly games Catch and let the heart grow Your hair was darker then I see your eyes, they're still kind and I? Wonder how the scene might end Had we remained And pressed through friends Right on to the other side that beckoned We knew it then, we know it now But that step, we will not take Although it begs These nights are colder here Tho safe - in this realm of everything but The one my soul craves I find myself observing Random scenes from these same memories Could there be another way To come alive To really try with something steadfast, more than simply saying we believe? Believe in what, when theories claim The bounty of the guessing game, Safe from interacting mishaps Far from messy make ups and disconcerting quips When drinking from the open keg For days and nights on end ...

© alisajs


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