Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality. - Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello Stranger

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Hello stranger, Whose name is new to me Whose mind is still a mystery Who was brave enough to say Hello Stranger, to me Hello colleague, Whose words are so interesting Who is awake whilst I am resting Who knows me well enough to say Hello colleague, to me Hello friend, With whom I love to talk Whose words make me fall Who cares enough to say Hello friend, to me Hello love, Whose name brings joy to me Whose mind is intertwined with mine For whom Distance and time is no obstacle Whose words I long to hear Who is on my mind when I am idle Whose arms I long to be in Whom I lose sleep for so willingly Who is kind enough to say With all my love, to me Whom I adore Whom I will see one day Hoping, one day, that I will say to him, and he will say to me Hello, I love you

© Gabrielle Nakota Bailey


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