A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

Daddy's Job

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I've seen children by the dozens living in the street no place to lay their heads at night and not enough to eat. I asked "where are your fathers?" and, "why do they stand aside?" without daddy's hand to cling to the world's a rough old ride. I asked about their parents they said, a mom was all they had they looked at me so curiously... and asked, "what's a dad?" So I told them about fathers I said a dad takes care of you no matter what the circumstances, a father sees you through that's a father's job... that's what daddy's do daddy's job is to be a shield between the hurt and you. Daddy's job is food and shelter, to keep his children warm and to act as a buffer to keep them safe from harm. A father's job is to live in a most exemplary way to instill truth and honor duty, loyalty and fairplay rearing children is never easy, a lifelong task for man and wife to mold with love and discipline a brand new human life to nurture a living treasure until it's ready to take its place and spread that stored up love around... to the entire human race.

© azure warrior


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