Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. - Japanese proverb


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So there's this girl Beautiful as can be Long blond curtains Of silk A smile that takes Your breath away And when you talk to her You find that she -sees it all- Not just what surrounds her She sees -the universe- She hides the entire Cosmos Inside that endless mind she Keeps inside her pretty head She understands That life, all life Is connected Held together by The mere fact that -we exist- You look in her heart and see She opens it to those who can Stimulate her every sense And you want Nothing more Than to be one of those people One of Her's When you think of her You'll find it hard not to Smile At the thought of seeing her again She'll slip into your Every thought Waking and dreaming At least that's what she did to me As I sit here looking at A tree, I open up my Mind as she has taught Me to and I Love this tree So much And all the work it has done And the life it has lived For even existing She opens my mind And my heart Touching my very soul She makes me believe And -doubt- She excites me And strikes fear into my heart And I love her for every bit of it *this is a free form dedicated to a girl that I can say is the closest I will come to true love at this age. I really do think she can see past the surface of everythin ,and she really contributes to my everyday happiness. Just so you know what the emotion is behind this one, and I typed this as close to what it looked like when I wrote down how I feel, so the form and rhythm aren't really existent, but I hope you enjoy it*

© Gabrielle Nakota Bailey


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