Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw, I conquered. - Julius Caesar


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i skirt the edge of reality yet i remain sane for i know it is there and should i dare decide aware that i should re enter where dead eyes stare where mother's bear the weight of their children's pain and pray that rain will keep them safe away from sin stave the devil let the Lord settle in which direction do i take is it life or something like it where's the line between real and fake give and take love and make love bless me father for I have sinned i have walked with the dead and scorned the living i have sacrificed life for my true soul is giving to those that reside on the other side the spirits taken from flesh and blood from life and love in fire and flood i speak to them in darkness true they know me in this in-between the space from life to death is seen i hear their voices i see their light in the comfort of our trusted night allow these few moments to remain for they find comfort in my pain

© Deckard


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