The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there. - Yasutani Roshi

I saw you.

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i saw you on the shore line of infinity eyes glazed with star dust watching time steal love from the memory of the old and the freedom of the young no vacancy in no mans' land as boys wander its fields lassos fly as desperate woman wain from behind enemy lines where have all the good men gone? you sat patient never wasting a knot on a lasso because a boy always finds a way to turn a lasso into a noose i saw you the starboard star dust my ship was never bound for apathy the courage to sail was found in your courage to sit so we danced on glass seas stealing times' loot whispering on the sunrise tying our hands with the rope forgetting the white caps We lived in the moment, as if the moment was forever.

© Yessirmaam


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