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Maybe, death is just...

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What if death Is just another start Like, Reaching our arms Into an unknown part! Fear of untold Twisting and teasing; Scaring our thoughts With its endless taunts. What if death Just kills our physical form Leaving our souls To wander around. Sorrow or happy No one knows… Maybe, Some things are better Buried untold. What if death Is just another start Like, Reaching our arms Into an unknown part! Maybe we die Just to be born Again and again As a twisted plot. Maybe, The universe as whole Has a law to bind To conserve and tally The lives it hold. Could be a bee Or a alien tree Born next time As pestering as me. All could be a gamble… Nothing but chances. Maybe, The karma doesn't Work as it seems. If I think a lot Or will the brainy of all Conclude this talk; Or could this really- Really, converge to a point. Maybe, A voice from the dead Could stir our thought… But wait, Surely our brains Will never credit that thought. 'cause "a voice from dead" Seems so silly as it sounds. What if death Is never full stop Like, A single dot On a bigger canvas! Oh wait... If death is never the end Could birth be never too? Or what if Our complete existence Be just our thought's loom. Collective dreams and looping scenes; Built so brilliant By the powers unseen. Could be program An elegant one. I will be the bug And You are the file I corrupt. Maybe a simulation Built just for fun. What if death Is never as we thought Like, A never ending code Or an experiment so cold! Maybe, We are the "lab-rat" Running on the wheels Surrounded by beings Who can change what we feel. We just see The tip of a berg Could there more That no one knows. What if life Was never the point Like, It’s a diversion from "Even bigger" plot. A diversion from "Even bigger" plot! Bigger plot...

© Ramvinojen Narayana Perumal


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