I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland. - Woody Allen

meanderings on a tuesday morning

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it's raining today bouncing off the roof and glass of this 100 year old building the room is eerily dark as only faint Sun makes it through the skylight the ghosts whisper and shuffle about the cat is timid and disappears under the bed the hum of early traffic is constant and tires splashing through rain is irritating I recall a dream just before I awoke I helped a friend who's old white Cadillac wouldn't start she had to drive to Michigan and in the dream I thought; 'this piece of shit ain't makin' it to Michigan' but I couldn't stop her and now I wonder; is she broke down and in a panic along I-80? maybe I should have tried harder but that's where I woke up or is that where I fell asleep? perhaps I am dreaming now the ghosts love to watch me ponder

© Deckard


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