The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it. - Dudley Moore

Cubicles are like small lives of men and women

Cubicles are like small lives of men and women It tells you the life history. Small pieces here and there,Coffee stains everywhere Phones hooked on the wall along the unorganized tray of paper clips. Around mid-day , sunrays cracking through giant window glass Narrow ray of light reflecting cubicles Making everyone look radiant and bright, The neon lights can be switched off for once. Giant window is my only contact to the outside world, I see men and women walking gently, slipping through the slushy corners As the bus stops dantly,cops running the red lights. Its almost 4,O clock, Men and women rushing the streets without the shadow. I follow them, But waiting for the sun to creep on my giant glass window again, The only contact to the outer world.

© Another Day In Paradise


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