All your dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney


Have mercy on my soul as I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death; Let nothing stress my health as I do my best to gather some wealth. Help a sister that is hungry Have mercy! And if you can, take her out of her misery She could be your blessing tomorrow – destiny. Don’t mock him when he has fallen Be his rock when he is broken; Be his or her friend all the way Or be nothing at all, clear the way. Leave the child alone, let her grow Don’t force her to do what she doesn’t know Would you violate your own child? I don’t think so. Think to be someone’s sunshine When his or her sky is not fine. Provide a warm hug on a cold day Offer a comfy duvet when she has no place to lay. Have mercy! Add no water to my pale Do not put rain in my day If you have no sunshine to repay. Can I turn to you and cry on your shoulders When my world is getting colder? Will you share yours with me so I’m no longer alone? Will you tend to me when my heart is broken? Will you be light if I need to see? Will you be my slab if I need to sit? Will you be my home if I need to stay? Will you be my bed if I need to sleep? Let us lend a hand to one another every time that we can; When we come across a feeble brother, let us help him in any way that we can.

© Dainty


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