There are no facts, only interpretations. - Friedrich Nietzsche

With Her

He dreamed of her that night. She was beside him, As they sat by the water, watching the waves That lapped upon the shore. They didn't speak, But listened to the wavelets play against The sand and rocks, and wind that whispered In their ears. When he woke, the memories He had of her came flooding back, as sorrow Gripped him, and he began to grieve her loss Over again, remembering her plight In those last days, and how she suffered in Those final hours, before the fever took her. And as he wept, he wished it wasn't so, That such a life as hers hadn't been lost In such a way, to suffer so and die So young. But while he lay there in the dark, He thought he heard her voice, and when he looked, He saw her standing in the doorway. She Held out her hand, beckoning him to come And follow her. And then, she turned and left And disappeared. Startled, he gained his feet And hurried out the door after her. Soon, He caught a glimpse of her walking the path That lead down to the ocean. He pursued In flight, and found her standing by the cliffs, Looking out at the water, with the moon Glowing bright as it rose above the horizon. When he reached her, she looked over at him, And spoke, "I've missed you, I have, these long months, And though I cannot stay, I've come to say Goodbye before I must move on and meet The great Divine. Eternity is calling, Where I will be happy forever. I Just need you to believe! So, I came To let you know, so we can both move on." He looked her in the eye, a tear upon His cheek, and said, "I believe, but I wish You didn't have to go." She brushed away The tear, and then replied, "I must, my love. But, please, trust that I will be happy there, Forever in the arms of God, who cares For me as much as you. But I must go now. Goodbye, my love!" With that, she rose up off Her feet, and flew away towards the heavens. "My heart!" he cried, and reached out to grab her, But lost his footing, and fell off the cliff, And, in the fall, he met his end upon The rocks, there by the ocean, where they sat And so often enjoyed their days together.

© Spurs


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