Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. - Oscar Wilde

Children of the World

Children of the world, what wishes can I send your way and what words of wisdom give? And more, how can I make these new and powerful- words and wishes to be received with impact? For even sagely advice, poetic lines culled from ancient texts- have become time-worn, stale. You have been told, and often enough "Be good, shun evil and hold fast to integrity" And for some, these words have acted as a shield but today,, in this topsy-turvy world even if all of the most kind-hearted mothers were to gather and plead with you, would this hold your attention? And if they were to beg you, saying: "Pick up a book or a pen, a piece of paper, a guitar... a tool- hoe or shovel, anything; but never, ever a gun." Would you take heed? And I, myself, my words are but few- all I can say is: "Hold fast to childhood as long as you can, for its days are fleeting- too soon past.

© azure warrior


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