The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there. - Yasutani Roshi

Crimson Purple Phoenix Cloak

Hardened silvery substance enters eyelid by its hairy and fragile tip Slowly splitting searing sensation perverts retina beautifully displayed Personal identity, ego, vanity, self placed private thoughts grotesquely splayed Gushing bowels of once coherent concept unravel at the seam now rhythmically drip: Filth and garbage built by ever-guilt well as blood bathed iris Directionless place, void in space, chained by truth in sick abyss Matter sanctification, constructs of boons and banes, cruel puppets septic vile To err and to deceive oneself is defect, I heard them both kiss and piss with a smile Then make that rusty silvery substance come full circle and remove my eyes Or pluck them from their sockets in my skull as my hair turns to smoke For loathsome self by hand in beard, fixed glare, Nietzsche's demise No refuge lest to dress the burning swirl of crimson purple phoenix cloak

© CuldeSac


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