Work as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today - Unknown


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I begin my walk on the circled asphalt path behind the old Lutheran church founded in 1790 the crickets chirp a defiant roar as I descend upon their quiet space clouds are dark and a bit threatening are they spirits taking form above me? mistral winds on a windless day seem to gather and fuse into words sentences held for a moment...clear then lost to fuzzy and distorted whispers 'They are here...' 'Isaac' 'Listen to me...I must kill' 'I have an angel' 'power' before departing I stop at a headstone I'm not sure why but I attempt to pronounce the last name of this departed soul 3 times on the 3rd try I am interrupted by a young boy who corrects me with the proper pronunciation I turn at the gate and advise the spirits that I am leaving a friendly 'okay' came back to me my God I have walked in the living room of the dead NOTE: upon review of my 20 minute evp session in this cemetery, I came upon more than 30 anomalies including several direct responses. I have been doing this since 2013 and have never approached the level of activity I received on this walk. The response I got when pronouncing the last name on the headstone and being corrected...may be the one most fascinating evp I have ever captured.

© Deckard


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