If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know. - Louis Armstrong


Come on. Come on baby. Don't be selfish tonight. Let's be lovers. Let's be more generous. Let's be more nurturing and caring to each other As we taste and explore each other's bodies Open your legs. Let me extend my generosity To the legends within your hidden temple An abundance of sex in the air Is the sound of your voice As you moan without care I get so horny thinking of you kissing my neck and touching me in the sexiest places the way you know that I like. I just need you on top of me right now. My body yearns for you constantly. It has grown so deeply attached to you that it craves your sex and needs it to facilitate a healthy, sexual release So come on baby Don't be selfish, it's alright Give me all of you Focus. You'll be moaning with delight.

© GlennMcCrary


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