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Hag as godess

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To recognize the beauty of the crone and regard the hag as goddess seems ludicrous revolutionary at the least, a wild leaping from current trends, so-called sensibilities. For today, it is youth that is celebrated the smooth face a model's slimness gleaming teeth and abundant hair- these are the only ideals coveted and emulated - revered. Age is equated with decline, undesirable -more so in the woman... But, ancient foremothers indigenous people everywhere you know the value and wisdom of the grandmothers healers and comforters storytellers and teachers... nurturers deeply knowing women much loved, vital players in life's perpetual spin- aged women- so central in nature's dance partaking of the cycles and rhythms of birth and blossoming growth and maturation ripening magical women- so we must remember and celebrate- these matriarchs yesterdays maidens now menopausal- but always, magnificent..

© azure warrior


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