There ain't no way to find out why a snorer can't hear himself snore. - Mark Twain

Regarding Love

First find and then forever hold dear an agape love- agape a word I first heard in a church I remember neither when or where only that this speaks of a love selfless, spiritual, enduring... And yes, I know that there is both a time and place for the sensual, the carnal, even for lovers gazing at one another over candlelight, soft music playing and candy hearts printed with sentimental words, valentines and the colors of spring... And ah, the joys of the flesh- like the sweetest of perfumes... But in the end, enveloped with the stench of dying, ravaged by dementia, drooling - to have someone do for you all that you can no longer do for yourself- and to do it cheerfully, not out of mere duty then, and only then can you say "I was truly loved."

© azure warrior


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