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The Rooks of Westminster

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The sun now sets so angry and red, As rooks above just scream and screech; Bemused they are, irate as well, The realm they know they now beseech. The sun enraged has hidden its face, And rooks above still screech and scream; The world, amazed, looks on bemused, At views and wrangles so extreme. Round and round they plunge and dart, So incensed and raging now; “Brexit, hard!” as some insist; “No! oh No!” the others vow. So bizarre, the world now thinks! As rooks now dance, ‘à la Mai’; How Corbynesque their pleasures are, What now with such a disarray? Ho! Ho! Ho! For those (if there were to be any!) who were not aware of the extraordinary goings-on in the British parliament (Westminster) - this poem relates to the squabbling rooks as heard at the end of my road to what has been happening there - ah well!



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