Always think of what you have to do as easy and it will become so. - Anonymous


Where do we come from? Why does our blood pump? When will our end come? Is there any point to this or should I stay numb? Fuck it, get out of my head and girl just make me cum. Smoke until I lose a lung Shrooms until I'm throwing up I'm on the edge I might just jump No time to ask more than once I need help before I give up Am I just meat, just a lump? Or a divine one from up above? I tried to stop thinking but I fucked up Did I really hear that or am I too fucked up Dropped out the day i turned 16, they swore I'd be a fuck up Now they all want to go up I gave myself, lost my health, and came back with no help I only ever had myself Never wanted fame or wealth Just wanted a baddie to make me melt Just for once I want to be heard and felt Might as well forget about my mental health Swear most these fuckers would sell their soul for Gucci For fabric, material, they'd give up the kuchi Don't know why you think it's sexy to be bougie Come elevate your mental state, aka let's get groovy Get your brain feeling more blended than a smoothie Let go It's ok, you've been here before Before all the blood and gore We all feel it in our core We all have a purpose just endure Come find yourself and listen from within I took a leap of faith dose on a whim Found me, the real and true him Now I can die at peace with a grin I know that may seem grim But death is the answer and the cleaner of sin So once again let go You'll be here again Until we meet on the other side my friend 5/29/2019     11:24

© Kaleb_McHenry


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