How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter? - Woody Allen

The Candle Pool

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Am I a speck in space and time? In greater realms so vast - a tiny jewel? The water’s warm and life’s sublime, The lights now flicker 'pon the pool. The music plays, so sweet the sound, With dulcet tones of Pachelbel; Now Panis Angelicus, heavenly crowned - Serenity my thoughts impel. Below the water now I see Grinning faces wink and stare; And one by one they glide so free, But I’m at ease - I do not care. Victoria, Albert, Robert Peel, And Mum and Dad, the grouch next door; With Goebbels, Mozart, Peter Steele, And they come, more and more. So what is life, if life it be, That here I lie without a care? What does the music now decree? As still the faces smile and stare. A speck am I? In time and space? So peaceful here - so quiet, so calm; The smiles have passed, left no trace, So back I lie - I have no qualm. The music lasts - a comfort I know, The waters of time and space traverse Our lives; and thoughts our minds bestow, But memories are ripples that slowly disperse. A decade may pass, a century perhaps, Ten thousand or more is but a stride; A speck in time as years now lapse, Now faces return and on they glide. With smiling eyes, one by one, Through the water on parade; Specks in time, their lives are done, As they and lights now slowly fade. No faces now, so up I get, The water’s warm and life’s sublime; And from the Candle Pool I tread, What now for a speck in space and time? Ragdale Hall is a luxurious health spa close to Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, UK. The Candle Pool is but one of the six thermal spa units in the Ragdale Hall Spa area. Faces are NOT a part of the provision (!), but the warmth, comfort and the chance to meditate are……



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