Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality. - Martin Luther King Jr.

The Conflict Within

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Silently I slip into the smooth darkness of my night, Welcomed by my angel joining me in flight, Erotic dreams, silver streams caressing my soul, By morning I won’t recall, paying reality’s toll, All the water in the ocean and stars in the sky, Not a fraction of my love for you, shall never die, A million roses in your smile, heaven in your kiss, Endless dreams in your eyes, your touch is bliss, Then black mucus steals my heart and ice stab my eyes, The wolves circle, the crows gather, feasting on my cries, Skin turn to oozing boils and slip off my burning flesh, Skull tears in two and demons rip at wounds so fresh, Blood flows like rivers and yet there is no life, A spirit consumed by the bitterness and strife, Let it spill now and then just to see it still there, But I have heard the warnings of a life that is not fair.

© sorrow


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