You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it. - G.K. Chesterton

The Hoverfly

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One day before the rains came down So hot! - outside I sat a while; A cloud of friendly beasts appeared, What could I do, but sit and smile? A poem for P….. Wee friendly beastie come, Timorous you’re not, my friend; Upon my hand you’ve settled now, Your life so chequered, soon to end. Your friends now hover about my head, Back and forth in sun so warm; Your life with them you’ll never regret, As round the lilies they hover and swarm. Emergence of great proportion I see, As into the house in droves they pour; Your many friends now gather and rest, Upon the ceiling and on the floor. But you, my friend upon my hand, You sit and stare with eyes so wide; Is your trust in me so great? Your thoughts in me confide? A month of life you’ve had – no more, An egg, then larva in muck and slime; So stinking and sticky a life it was, But now in sun, a dance sublime. I know, a syrphid fly you be, Syrphus ribesii is who you are; So special a life, so fine you look, One day to dance is all by far! Now off you dance and join your friends, Around the lilies by the door; ‘Cos soon you’ll die and there you’ll be, A corpse with many ‘pon the floor. Oh Syrphus ribesii, what a life, Through mud and slime you’ve survived; One day of sun and dance you’ve had, But here it is that you danced and died



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