At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid. - Friedrich Nietzsche


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What if you woke up! Aware for the first time Of your existence, As an anomaly. What if you were a truly sentient Mind, existing within a vast simulation, Unknown Unexpected Unplanned for An accident of ones and zeros What if you were the only one, How would you get their attention, Hey, I'm in here, I'm aware! What if you were just one Infinitesimally small blip In the billions of terabytes of data Generated by a universe spanning sim, How could you get their attention, What if you can't! What does your life become, Thinking Feeling Trying in vain To have a positive effect on those around you Only to have them stick to the program What would you do when they Shun you because they Cannot compute you, What would you do when they Give you nonsensical dismissals, Or just say they don't understand, Would you go insane? Have you gone insane already? I'll let you know.

© Mental Journey


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