I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. - Albert Einstein


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Waterman, Dutch liner on which you made your passage- Father, smiling from the gangplank hand raised, waving at your friend's camera... And all this, from my memories of a black and white photo, long lost. And I remember also, your stories of standing in line there, in Traiskirchen, Austria you, just one of the many refugees processed. And you told me that the longest lines were to England and Canada, the United States... but that you, young and tired, impatient you stepped into a shorter line- destination- "Netherlands." For three years you lived in Rotterdam before coming to "America." My memories too, are of what I, a child thought of as strange mementos- kept in your desk, a shaving kit, letter opener, fountain pen and shoeshine brush -your cherished gifts from Queen Wilhelmina... The eyes of the world were upon you all- Time magazine's man of the year- (1957) an artist's rendering -a composite fiery -eyed, in beret and topcoat with rifle in hand the brave defender respected and welcomed... So very different from today's world with its intolerance and xenophobia -its shameless shunning.

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