Work as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today - Unknown

Twice the Fool

Roses rise, after innocent skies die. Done are the days, where I see hearts as pure. Deep is my fear, cause your words are my cure. I'd lay with the demon who stabbed me a tenth time She's the same angel who's healings Devine. A night with the demon caressing my scars, her vein intentions are undressing her flaws. I'd love to escape her, a siren with claws. Though her words are tempting maybe she is true. A day with the angel addressing her flaws, my mind torn to pieces and left in her jaw. I'd love just to hold her, a true selfless friend. Though her words are tempting maybe it's not true. A man's own reflection suppressing his flaws, an addict in my head commanding my calls. He just needs his fix won't care if he falls, shame hasn't hit yet a force of withdraw. To my own ego I'm also a bitch. You dream of my lips, After of my blood, you took sips. So I am your slave now, born of loathe and love, an eclipse. I tried before to pay for your heart in my blood. Ominously blessed am I? The only price is pride, I only have to betray the countless nights over you I cried. Erroneously I decide, My dignity's suicide. The only choice, you're my souls fuel, so I'll be twice the fool.

© Michael2002


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