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Our God

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The saviors words drench our streets in blood. His love turns our hearts black. If not as his slave, to his kingdom we can never come back My brother knows a different Lord, because of his disposition you forever knew and bestowed, and the love he denies you that you're rightfully owed. You'll forever make his blood boil once he lays amongst the soil. Abomination I am, to know you as the devil. When your words die is the day I will revel. Who else could kill so many innocents, feeling righteous from sheer claims of glory and magnificent. I won't give power to who will call my emotions a crime and give time for thoughts. A lover who would burn us for the way he birthed us? A justice who made us free and punishes us for the bite of our first parents? An omniscient who regretted the actions of his own actions? A voice of peace the cry of endless war? Could only be born of mans Ignorance. I believe divinity is mans greatest fraud, so I only pray for the Death of "Our God."

© Michael2002


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