Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking. - Goethe

Cosmic Sex

Drool to your Quale Wet tongue tips lewd guava erectile sap -dripping catheter and puss- Face to face with palpitating Pantaloon Sphere Noosphere crumbles down for success, white viscous Husk of shape churns inside from out. Black hole destroyer of fantasy -physical pounding Deeper Miss Black Hole deeper down she goes rabbit hole Hello Mr. Hibiscus man! The bus goes wobble and bonk The rumbling tarmac road. Serenity in the green eyes of Mr. Hibiscus man He smells the sex universal in the air The moment is too great! SO POTENT! He sits looking out, can't believe the moment is granted once again Again and again and again he hammers that reality straight in the hot juice All even in the squeel of Cosmic Wheels.

© CuldeSac


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