I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius

The Dark Ghoul

The sun is peeping through the window Enlightening my room I feel its warmth through the glass But yet i am in a darkened place Only feeling the doom and gloom From my thoughts into my room I feel him who is a satanic demonic ghoul wherever i go i feel his blackness The more i feel him the more he haunts me Introspective i grow more withdrawn Subconsciously my fear grows out of control The more i fear the stronger he becomes Its then when i am at my weakest point I think i can not take anymore Its then i hear his demonic voice "You must atone for your sins" I hear him say it over and over in my brain My community psychiatric nurse told me "They are auditory hallucinations" "And they will go away" But she doesn't get haunted like some of us do Nor does she feel the doom and gloom Or haunted by a dark demonic ghoul Well i have worse to come And that will be by the dark of the night And the shifting shadows in my room Will shape shift to continuously give me the feelings of fright I try to be brave I try to fight But the demonic ghoul always wins Using all of his demonic might But day by day and night after night The demonic ghoul i have to fight I call upon Archangel Michael Who slay the beast To give me the strength At the very least Because of the haunting demonic ghoul Who is also a satanic beast Is protected by Beelzebub And his satanic ghoul demon Clan When will this come to a end When will i be free from the satanic demonic ghoul beast Am i a fearful toy My fear to feed off Or is this a life long harassment That i will have a lifetime to fend him off

© reefaman


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