Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Harvesting my Vagina

Captain's Log, stardate 51425.4. Our condition has left us vulnerable to spatial anomalies And to any alien species Eager for a piece of hardware. We've taken refuge in a class-9 nebula. Conscious or dead mind, Placebo Religion Substrate by White Noise CMBR. (Spit curses, mother-fucker) Inner middle mandate, urethra innate man-plate, reverberating Wombat Beats. Beats Beat Box Beats! Beat Beat Beat Beat Beat Box Beat. Sweet mini zoo beet concrete. And I sit there with my fucking log, like a cave bitch and a fucking wall. Beat beat box beat hmmm hmmm! Pleasure beat box beat uhm uhm hmm hmm beat beat. Useless shit, looking for a crowd though I am in their choir. The stage, eerie and drenched in Set The dank gloom Shakespearean dank, stagnant dank plane. Is it not dank? Your moisty orbs can scan the dank Dusty lonely stage forever lonely. Dank stage dank dank dank dank stage dank. I'm so sorry. Her poor little thin lips - (PYT) All she wanted was a thank you or a hello Though unaware or dead in her innards churn The violent things looking for a stage I will give birth to. -By the rustling of maggots like static noise TV

© CuldeSac

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