Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes. - Confucius

Imaginary Suicide

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I can't live without you yet I can't have you near I don't want to continue this depraved love affair but the escape hatch is stuck I climb this familiar ladder and throw over the rope good and firm it's tied ...loving you has become my imaginary suicide I don't know how to love you I don't know where I went wrong can't breakaway from this noose so hating you has become the ritual that I hang myself from I stand at the top and pull the knot snug I jump until I die ...loving you has become my imaginary suicide what will it take to set me free? must I die for real? I can't take the incertitude you love me then leave you return and cry thief! I need protection from your hateful heart of deceit someone save me! you take passive-aggressive to a whole new level as I swing in my haste the knot slips loose, like every time before, I fall to the floor... alive in my imaginary suicide

© undawnted


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