Let the children play

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When the sun smiles upon the Earth - set the children free For they are filled with innocence and ignorance, Let them giggle as one in the mist of trouble For they are the lighthouse of this gloomy coast, Let them marvel at the drifting clouds and singing birds - 'cause nature soothes souls and sparks love, Should they sing sonorously; let them! For there is pleasure for them in this twisted fantasy, Let them hide and seek - dirty themselves For these are your Da Gamas and Tuff Gongs of dawn, And when dusk creeps like a plague; let them cuddle before saying goodbye and look forward to tomorrow, Run them warm baths, meals and drape them in warm blankets - then sing lullabies and tell them tales, Protect our precious future from newsfeeds and the constantly lying internet - let them play alone.

© Thabani Linda Tshabalala


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