I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. - Albert Einstein

"The old Green Street Gang"

Flashing neon lights and steel guitars passionate nights in dimly lit bars. I only wish that I were among friends I had when I was still young, for once I had many- but now I wonder if I'm left with any. Oh, to be in the company of those adoring men but those nights are gone- never to come back again. I can almost taste the wines, sparkling white, rose, or burgundy red and I can recall every conversation and all that was said the music that played as the dancer's body swayed and the smoke in the air, all seems as if I was still there... the old, beat- up pool table and playing pinball and the crazy graffiti on the bathroom wall. The nice bartender who never questioned my age and the drummer who smiled at me from the stage... philosophy and the world we'd intensely discuss and analyze ourselves, plan what would become of us. Now friends have all scattered and I am here what happened to us? to the carefree atmosphere? We grew up, adolescence doesn't last it disolves and blends into the bygone past. Still, to recapture the old feelings I desperately yearn if only it were possible to somehow return... to those teenage years with their vivacious thrill yet sadly I know none of us will. Some things are impossible for time passes by and only fools dare to wonder- why?

© azure warrior


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