Lift the stone and you will find me; cleave the wood and I am there - Bible


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That’s my cousin on the news A few, twice married, thrice removed... They walked in and shot Cuz they was in the mood paint your doorposts with cousins’ blood Maybe next time they’ll pass. That’s my brother they chased and killed Cuz they thought he fit some bill To pay their debt of hate and rage He’s no good unless he’s in your cage I have ten thousand brothers. That’s my auntie god he stopped. In the right, cuz he’s a cop. A drive to the store, pulled aside Suddenly a suicide? “Hell nah,” she moans from wherever she cannot rest. Every song within theirs, unsung Every naked body hung From trees Every one of their souls is me 3/5 you cannot, will not see 3/5 of my humanity You’re not half the friend you claim to be.

© itsjustme


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