It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them! - Friedrich Nietzsche

Freedom part 1

My silence was not weakness My silence was from fear, My silence was mearly calculating How to get out of here. Many stood in the shadows Fingers pointing, Ready to stare For i am the women, Who simply 'stayed there' The trickster? the victim? Or the devilish mare? How will you see me Now the world starts to care? I am going to tell you, My story and my name Then I'll ask you the question Would you do the same? Part 2 When I met Prince I was no longer a child Our love was a secret Exciting and wild He showered me with gifts, Flowers and gold He brought me a drink And made me feel old The years flew by Now 24, I still remembered My first love I did once adore. He checked up on me, Every now and again We would talk of our lives And boy how things change Time after time I saw his world crumble 'that evil bitch' he used to mumble I would smile as he told me The stories of the 'slags' Who he gave the world to And they treated him so bad Father of 2 now He wanted me more The attraction was instant When we met at his door He rode to my flat Day and night He sent me roses, A real prince to hold my light Flattered and honoured, He finally chose me I was ready for my life To really begin. After a few months, He suggested something new I may as well move in, And live with you Apprehensive but excited I wasnt to question This was romantic A soul mate connection? So that is the intro I'm sure you can see Maybe soon you will spot it Why I needed to be free. But for now it's goodnight. I'll leave on a high, For tomorrow the storm clouds Start circling by....

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