The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. - Albert Einstein


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I saw you then, close friend, in secure comfort Glowing in the dusk of Hans Strijdom Drive late 1980 TV-Room's transparent side curtains- Brown checkered toddler table, Its seat's yellow spunge in a tear, Brave Star and a Chicken Drumstick... I remember your maternal face Lovingly indicating the spoon. I doubt you thought you were raising a fool As I sat there strapped in for all life to absorb. I wish I could talk to you, But I only have perspective now because our bonds were cut. To have had contact yet, what would I not know But to cherish you mostly? We had a picnic at the swimming pool, She was so happy and I could not understand- But she knew then that she was creating a memory Of how confused I was about how happy she was, once I followed the woman around everywhere and to the mall, And tours we did sharing thoughts and good patterns, She was my teacher and with that also came its dragons, A dear phone number I sorely miss To reason and to give accord to In another shape, another project And then she calls you by the sweet nickname only she calls you.

© CuldeSac


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