It's not who you know, but rather who knows you, and knows what you know. - Matthew Moran

meet you halfway

i hope you are wondering what it is that i want. if you are uncomfortable - "good indication of sanity." whoa! imagine you assumed to know my meaning... -no. no time wasting: i saw my heart, my dog, obsess about female urine -his snout in it. his jaws clenching -muscles on his head, his fur shaking, obsessed. he is in this Must now and you may imagine that upon occasion he is met with the very same female that produces magical elixir lo -watch my design as it takes note of this flaw by means of parable: his eyes again, per chance, meet this female -his nose remains stuck. i think to myself "dude- but even if you knew, i couldn't let you" -while she is right there. i give him all the time i can to digest each scent of the flavour -like the impression of the beauty i have of you now. i am sorry for comparing you to the flavour of dog piss -means of brevity, your attention span is borrowed. my design could not follow the same pattern. i had to take my nose out of the grass. you paint through me all the truth of here and now; a refraction of all things good and with solid order. i give you this letter, to the beauty that started this motion in me; by all means, deny this what forbids reverie -to keep my meaning from ye. t#: ze-ni-fi fi-tw-se ni-ze-tw-se what's up?

© CuldeSac

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