Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - Janine Andrews

love the world

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if i found you somewhere outside lost in the darkness, i found you there dragging my bloody stumps through the mud. if you saw me there crawling on my stomach trembling, you found me there with my palms out blood spurting. could you look me in the eyes, from my prone form reaching? and i love you, my assailant, i love you to death, -i'll lift my sorry head to greet you. i know, as you treat me as your competitor in some tribal game; the hunting; the mating - structures are taller than hierarchy itself. -yet, i have always loved you from within this state fetal i used to not quite see the fact that the game never ends, now i love you though you would stomp my little face -until my skull goes crack i pity you and continue to love you! before i go, try to see what you did wrong, that reminiscence is afforded by your current state. cherish it twice as much as the good old days then, my son, replaced by silence. in loving memory -Your memory

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